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The St. Andrews Pipe Band is one of the university's most visible organizations and has become one of the top competing pipe bands in the southern United States.
Therapeutic Horsemanship

Knights Soccer featuring Olivia Taylor in Action

Olivia Taylor

I am majoring in Therapeutic Horsemanship and I would like to go on and work for a nonprofit therapeutic riding center as an instructor and staff member. I enjoy the volunteer management aspect of the TH business and so I want to slide into that niche alongside teaching lessons.

Therapeutic Horsemanship


I have been on an equestrian team every year and the soccer team since my sophomore year. I joined the Student Activities Union and Riding Council as a freshman and since then have gone on to join Senate, Community Honor Council, GANZA Core and the TH Club. I have also been a member of the Orientation Crew and was hired as an RA my sophomore year and a Peer Mentor as a junior.

Why St. Andrews

St. Andrews is a place where you don’t have to be afraid. is where we take advantage of opportunities. Here is where we continue to be a child while working on skills to becoming an adult. Here is where we are able to find a niche for our passion. Here is where we love the unique and unusual. SAPC can draw us away from the frivolous activities we indulge in to waste time if we only allow ourselves to be thus drawn away.

Olivia Taylor's Old Timey Photo
Alternative Spring Break Trip with Olivia Taylor


Every faculty member brings their own personality and talents to the classroom. I have been privileged to get to know quite a few of my professors personally and what a quirky group they are! SAPC has a knack for attracting faculty whom bring life to the campus. In the classroom, I’ve witnessed professors: dressing up for Halloween, playing The Rolling Stones to welcome students in the morning, taking the class outdoors among the trees, and making guacamole. They make you feel comfortable enough to express yourself and think with your own mind and not someone else’s.


Being able to be so involved is what I love the most about St. Andrews. Through this school I have gained valuable experience both in my career skills and in life skills. Inside and outside of classes I’ve been able to interact with many different people from many different backgrounds who have shared their experiences with me and with whom I’ve had experiences with. These moments have taught me how to connect and work with any individual I meet whether it’s a friendly meeting or it’s a business meeting.


I had a very successful internship at the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program and, as aforesaid, was asked back to work again this summer. The internship was a huge learning experience and was the best way for me to confirm my career goals. It showed me exactly what to expect after graduation and makes the future slightly less scary.

Olivia Taylor Equestrian Event
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