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Physical Education

http://www.jsu.edu/edprof/hper/checklists/Physical_Education_-_Copy__2__-_Copy.jpgIn a liberal arts curriculum, the study of physical education provides balance to educate both the mind and the body. A major in physical education and sport can take you in different directions such as: teaching, coaching, rehabilitation, therapy, sports, recreation, community health, intramurals, and wellness programs.

At St. Andrews, we combine a strong liberal arts curriculum with an uncommon flexibility in your choice of major. You may choose: 1) Physical education with certification in K-12 or 2) Physical education with sport management or coaching concentration. This flexibility is made possible through the St. Andrews assets of excellent faculty and a  unique interdisciplinary program of study.


With an overall student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1, St. Andrews professors take time to listen, to care, and to become directly involved in your education. Your professors’ personalized attention is an invaluable resource, given the highly personal nature of discovering your individual strengths and interests. You will find yourself quickly involved in and challenged by each class discussion, where your contributions will be heard in a spirit of inquiry and openness.

The St. Andrews SAGE interdisciplinary curriculum cuts across traditional boundaries separating the academic disciplines to provide a global perspective and foster critical thinking. Educating the whole person, courses explore values and inspire committed action that you may pass on to your students.


Physical Education Teacher Education Course Requirements

PHASE I:    Physical Education Concentration Requirements

SS 215 - Skill Analysis - Individual Sports (1.5)  

SS 231 - Found.  and Principles of PE & Sport (3)

SS 216 - Skill Analysis - Team Sports (1.5)                                                 

SS 325 - Kinesiology & Biomechanics (4)

SS 227 - Com. Health, First Aid & CPR (2)                                                  

SS 402 - Exercise Physiology (3)

BIO 221 - Human Anatomy and Phys I (4)                                                

SS 410 - Org & Admin of PE & Sport (3)

SS 234 - Principles of Adapted PE & Sport (3)***          

*A  grade of “C” or better is required for all Specialty courses

**In addition , Physical Education majors will choose a minor or concentration in a core subject area (12-15 hours)

PHASE II:    Professional Studies

(required of all education majors)

PSY 220:   Child and Adolescent Development (3) F, S, SS

EDU 236:  Technology for Educators (3) F, SS

EDU 250:  Education, Culture & Diversity (3) F, S

EDU 310:  Curriculum and Instruction (3) F

EDU 324:  Educational Psychology (3) S, SS

EDU 355:  The Exceptional Child (3) S, SS

EDU 352:  Teachers as Leaders (3) F ***


***GPA of 2.5, program application, recommendations, interview, and passing scores on the Praxis I Tests is required for formal admittance in to the Teacher Education Program.

21 Credit Hours


EDU 322: Reading and Writing in Content Area (3)***

EDU 328: Physical Ed. Methods - K-12 (3)***

EDU 370: Health Methods K-12 (3)***

9 Credit Hours

PHASE IV:   Professional Application

EDU 423: Student Teaching (10) ***

EDU 425: Student Teaching Senior Seminars (2) ***

EDU 344: Classroom Management (2)

***Students should be formally admitted into the Teacher Education Program

14 Credit Hours


**  A grade point average of 2.75 or above is required for all Professional and Pedagogical Courses

69 Hours plus concentration hours and St. Andrews General Education requirements for a minimum of 120 hours





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