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"As a first generation Latin American, it was different coming here, but I soon realized that I could just be me. St. Andrews is a school for people who like small classes and a close community."
- Anthony Fernandez, Class of '10

Business Administration with a Concentration in Equine Business Management


"I chose this degree because it allows me to do what I love which is work with and be around horses while also preparing me to work in a business setting. Employers have been impressed at the fact that I attended a school that had such a degree and it has definitely given me an edge over the competition in the equine business field. "

- Caitlin Karolak '13
Equine Business

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Students who are interested in blending equine studies with other disciplines may find that a Major in Equine Business Management is the perfect combination.

One of the greatest advantages our program offers is the hands-on experience required in every equine and business class. Writing your own business plans and demographic analyses, designing your own ad campaigns, making your own oral presentations and participating in event management activities are invaluable elements of the St. Andrews program, and are rarely offered elsewhere at the undergraduate level.

Courses Required:

Major in Business Administration with a Specialized Program of Study in Equine Business Management  60 Credits 
Required Courses:  44 Credits
ACCT 201  Principles of Accounting I  3
BUS 220 Business Technology  3
BUS 301 Business Law  3
BUS 303 Management Communications  3
BUS 321  Principles of Marketing Mgmt 3
BUS 322 Advertising and Promotion  3
BUS 331 Principles of Management  3
BUS 335 Business Ethics  3
BUS 341 Principles of Financial Mgmt  3
BUS 480 Senior Policy & Strategy Seminar  3
ECON 201 Microeconomics  3
EQ 244 Stable Management  2
EQ 244L Stable Management Lab 2
EQ 340 Equine Business Management  3
EQ 350  Horse Science I  3
TH 155  Intro. To Therapeutic Horsemanship  1
16 Credits 
Additional Requirements: 
*One of the following courses:  3
BUS 322 Organizational Behavior 
BUS 333 Human Resource Management 
*One of the following courses:  3
BUS 495  Senior Project 
BUS 499 Senior Project  3
*One of the following courses: 
EQ 249  History and Theory of Modern Riding 
EQ 341 Preparation for ANRC Testing 
*Electives chosen from the following courses:  5
ACCT 202  Principles of Accounting II 
BUS 302 Entrepreneurship 
BUS 395 Internship in Business &Economics 1 
ECON 202 Macroeconomics 
COM 252  Journalism 
EQ 248  Basic Riding Instructor Skills 
EQ 248L  Basic Riding Instructor Skills Lab
EQ 342 Form to Function: Judging and Selecting Hunters 
EQ 415 Current Therapies in Equine Internal Medicine 
EQ 416 Intro to Equine Clinical Pharmacology 
EQ 417  Equine Orthopedic Lameness 
EQ 418  Equine Nutrition 
EQ 422 Horse Science II
* The student must take at least 2 Equitation courses at St. Andrews 
These courses include: 
PE 261 Equitation I 
PE 262  Equitation II 
PE 263  Equitation III 


St. Andrews is strongly committed to providing the best education possible, but this cannot only be done in a classroom. Exciting real-world opportunities such as internships allow you to get a feel for professions dealing with horses. There is often no better way than an internship to clarify your academic and career goals and to provide you with valuable professional experiences and connections. St. Andrews riders have interned with professional trainers at nationally recognized Therapeutic Horsemanship centers, Thoroughbred breeding and training farms, in equestrian programs at other colleges and universities, as well as with tack shops, veterinarian offices, and equine massage therapists. They have worked in zoos, laboratories, and health departments as well as for equine publications. In fact, the possibilities for internships are limited only by your creativity, imagination, and commitment.

Our recent graduates are active in many aspects of the Equestrian industry, from teaching and training in private, preparatory schools or college-riding programs, to managing tack shops, working for national equine pharmaceutical companies, and/or attending graduate school in veterinary medicine, physical therapy, or law, to running their own showing and boarding barns. A St. Andrews education provides you with the contact and the skills to succeed in your career.

St. Andrews offers workshops  and clinics throughout the year allowing students to expand their learning horizons. many of these clinics and workshops are free to attend for students but participating in riding clinics are not.

We are a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl. formerly NARHA) Premier Accredited Facility and host registered workshops and instructor certification.

Each student in the Equestrian Program receives two riding lessons per week. Riding courses include Equitation I, II, III, IV, Schooling Hunters, Showing Hunters, Showing Jumpers, Beginner Dressage, Competitive Dressage, and Natural Horsemanship. We also teach lessons in Western Pleasure and Reining.

For more information on the equestrian teams, lesson schedules and competitions please check the Equestrian Main Page.

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