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According to the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD), the pursuit of a career in the forensic sciences has grown exponentially in the past few years. While some crime labs do not require a Bachelors degree (e.g., crime scene processing, photography, document examiner, & firearms examiner), most do. A bachelors degree is essential in the forensic disciplines of drug analysis, toxicology, trace evidence, and biology, including DNA analysis. Currently, most positions in a crime lab are held by persons with degrees in the physical sciences, since few colleges or universities have majors specifically in Forensic Science. In addition to positions in crime laboratories, opportunities such as crime scene technician, police photographer, sketch/composite artist, fingerprint examiner, forensic psychologist, arson investigator, accident scene reconstruction, and police officer, exist in law enforcement agencies. The ASCLD suggests that the major or area of emphasis one chooses should reflect the discipline in which the person wishes to work. For example, drug analysts should have a heavy emphasis in chemistry, while DNA analysts should have an emphasis in molecular techniques. Programs that provide laboratory courses are essential for students pursuing careers in the forensic sciences (ASCLD). For those persons whose career paths are other than the laboratory, an understanding of the principles and techniques used to analyze trace evidence are helpful in identifying and collecting certain types of evidence, and preparing the case.
























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