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EQ 290 Encounters with Other Cultures:
French Culture, Art, History and Equitation

Dates: May 11 - May 25, 2010

French culture is different than any other culture in the world. The country's history dates back to ancient times and passes through multiple monarchies, wars and revolutions. The trip is designed to develop an appreciation for the French lifestyle, the country's art, language and history, and to further study the development of educated riding. The focus of the trip will be on observation of and participation in French culture.



The group on top of the Arc de Triomphe overlooking the Champs-Élysée.


Megan Millman, Hayley White and Bridget Hutchens in the chapel at the Château in Chantilly.

Class: Hon 290 and S&BS 290

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learning outcome for the Equine Business Major: Students will demonstrate professional behavior including respecting others, assuming responsibility and exhibiting ethical behavior, while traveling and interacting with their peers, and with people from another country
  • To develop an appreciation for another culture, cuisine, and lifestyle.
  • To increase the ability to travel and cope in a foreign country where the native language is not English.
  • Develop a rudimentary understanding of the French language for the purpose of communicating with native French speakers.
  • Develop an appreciation through the study of the arts (both equestrian and traditional) for the incredible depth of cultural history that has led to the development of today’s complex societies.

Course Requirements:

  • Assigned readings and exercises before departure including study of the geography of the cities and region to be visited. (15%)
  • Daily required meetings of the class to discuss the experiences of the day (15% for participation and attendance)
  • The keeping of a directed and reflective journal on the experience (15%)
  • A paper prior to travel discussing an approved topic pertaining to French history, art or equitation (15%)
  • A paper during the trip describing one aspect of French culture (10%)
  • An interpretative essay in France using local resources for research (10%)
  • A final essay summarizing the experiences of the trip due upon return (20%)




Day 1 - Depart United States (over-night flight)

Day 2 - Arrive Paris

Days 3 - 5 - Paris (youth hostel accommodation)

Day 6 - Travel to The Loire Valley by train

Days 8 - 13 - Camping in The Loire Valley and Saumur

Day 14 - Return to Paris by Train

Day 15 - Return to the United States




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