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"London, Shakespeare & Beyond"

May 11 - 25, 2009

Students embarked on an exploration of London through the education wing of Shakespeare's Globe. Included in the experience were workshops, a tour of the Globe, an historical look at archeological sites related to early modern playhouses such as the Glace and the Rose, learning from Shakespearean scholars such as Oxford's Tiffany Stern and becoming acquainted with the methods of research at the British Library while tracing the path of the old London Wall, London Bridge and the Tower of London. Students also witnessed three theatre productions in London; one at the Old Vic, Shakespeare's Globe and a third smaller venue.

Outside of London, students visited Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace and attend a production by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Beyond Stratford they took a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland and visited some of the historical attractions and castles in Scotland and St. Andrews to get in touch with Scottish heritage and connection.

The tour leader for the course is Dr. Mark Mannette. He can be reached via email at mannettemt@sapc.edu or 910-277-5498.

Class: COM 290

Course Requirements:

  • A journal of experiences (20%)
  • Reviews of each of the three theatre productions - 2 to 3 pages (15% each)
  • Participation and cooperation (10%)
  • Read a Shakespeare play that will be attended.
  • Research paper: Students will chose either a cultural, historical, or literary topic to write a five page research paper using at least five sources with at least three non-internet sources (25 %)





Day 1 - Travel & settle into London Hotel.

Day 2 - Workshop and tour at Shakespeare' Globe. Visit Rose site.

Day 3 - Tour old wall of London - follow contour of old city and visit Tower of London.

Day 4 - Meet with Oxford Scholar and visit British Library: See play at Old Vic.

Day 5 - Visit site of Original Globe and see production at Shakespeare's Globe.

Day 6 - Tour BBC sound stages and see theatre production.

Day 7 - Visit historical sites.

Day 8 - Travel to Stratford, tour Shakespeare's birthplace, tomb, etc.

Day 9 - Workshop with RSC actors and attend RSC production.

Day 10 - Travel to Scotland

Day 11 - Tour historic sites in Edinburgh, attend Scottish theatre production

Day 12 - Travel to St. Andrews and tour castles

Day 13 - Tour castles and travel back to London

Day 14 - Depart London - arrive home in North America


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