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Religion and Science Roundtable

Students, faculty, staff, church leaders and community members interested in constructive interdisciplinary dialogue between religion and science are invited to be our guests. Each meeting begins with a dinner at 6 p.m. and is followed with a lecture at approximately 7 p.m. in the Carol Grotnes Belk Main Room of the William Henry Belk Student Center on the campus of St. Andrews University. Please make reservations by sending an email to rsvp@sapc.edu or calling 910-277-3968 no later than one week prior to the Roundtable.

January 14, 2014
Rev. Randy Bremer
The Related World of God and the Atom

Rev. Bremer will share with us about the work of two great Scotsmen; the 19th century physicist, James Clerk Maxwell, and theologian T.F. Torrance. Maxwell's book, A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, published in 1873, was hailed by Albert Einstein as the most significant work since Isaac Newton. Torrance shows how it was Maxwell's understanding of Trinitarian theology that led to his dissatisfaction with the mechanistic world view that had dominated since Newton, and enabled him to articulate and mathematically define a dynamic field theory that opened the door for 20th century advances in physics. Torrance is one of the giants of modern Reformed theology. Long time professor at Edinburgh, moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, honored as a Protopresbyter of the Greek Orthodox Church, advisor to the Vatican about the philosophy of science, and a recipient of the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion; the list of his accomplishments would exceed the patience of the reader. Torrance followed his mentor, Karl Barth, as a thoroughgoing Trinitarian, and he brought to his theology a profound grasp of 20th century physics, especially Einstein's theory of relativity.

Rev. Bremer is a graduate of Hillsdale College where he majored in math and minored in physics. He was a co-recipient of the math prize given to the outstanding mathematician in the senior class. He then attended Princeton Theological Seminary, where he was especially drawn to professors James Loder and Diogenes Allen, both of whom had a passion for integrating Christian faith and the natural science.

Upon graduation from PTS, he was ordained in the Presbyterian Church and has served pastorates in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina, including an Interim at Laurel Hill. He is currently a member of the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina, laboring outside the bounds to serve as Interim Pastor of Kings Grant Presbyterian Church in Virginia Beach, Ba. He has maintained an interest in the integration of faith and science, and has found Thomas Torrance, Alister McGrath and John Polkinghorne to be helpful guides.

March 18, 2014
Larry Taunton

Larry Taunton is the executive director of the Fixed Point Foundation and a published author.


The Religion and Science Roundtables are associated with the annual John Calvin McNair Lecture on Science and Theology hosted each fall by St. Andrews. The McNair Lecture was established by the 1857 will of John Calvin McNair who asked that "the object of which lecture(s) shall be to show the mutual bearing of Science and Theology upon each other...."


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