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Experiential Learning Assessment Program Review and Process


St. Andrews Presbyterian College recognizes that learning takes place in settings other than the traditional classroom. Such experiences, when properly documented with actual application in work and other situations, may be evaluated for possible academic credit. Any credit awarded for experiential learning will apply to general electives, related studies, and by exception with the appropriate department chair's written approval may apply to the general education requirements. Unless specifically approved by the major department, Experiential Learning Credits will not be used in substitution for requirements in the student's major area of study. In reviewing applications foe experiential learning credit, the College will apply standards published by the American Council on Education through its College Credit Recommendation Service.

A student seeking Experiential Learning Credit (ELC) must demonstrate with proper documentation that learning has occurred. Credit is awarded for learning outcomes, not life experiences.

The knowledge gained must be of collegiate quality and must be equivalent to the contents of a similar course included in the current curriculum at St. Andrews Presbyterian College. The quantity and quality of learning the student believes he/she has acquired must be academically< measured and compared to the learning outcomes expected from students attending a similar St. Andrews Presbyterian College course. A technical course might be considered only if it meets academic standards in content and expected learning outcomes commonly expected in a similar course in the St. Andrews Presbyterian College curriculum. All ELC awarded must relate to the current St. Andrews Presbyterian College curriculum and to the learning outcomes expected in its courses. Any exceptions to the above will be handled on an individual basis and must be approved by the appropriate department chair and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Application for Experiential Learning Credit must be submitted either prior to the student's matriculation as a student at St. Andrews or in the student's first semester of study. The portfolio submitted by the student for Experiential Learning Credit must be completed within the student's first semester of study.

A student desiring to apply for Experiential Learning Credit will contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to discuss the requirements for such credits. The Associate Dean will provide the student with guidelines for preparation of a portfolio documenting the learning outcomes associated with the student's experience or training. The portfolio shall include, at a minimum:

  • Dates of instruction or experience, location, sponsoring organization, names and contact
    information of faculty member(s), and to the extent possible, information regarding faculty
  • Bibliographic information for any published books or documents employed in the course.
  • A copy of any instructional materials employed (syllabus, hand-outs, training materials,
  • Documentation of stated learning outcomes (may be included in the course syllabus).
  • Copies of any assignments submitted in the course of the training.
  • A description, in narrative form and in the student's own words, of the educational
    experience, the skills or knowledge acquired, and applicability to the student's degree
  • The applicable St. Andrews courses the student is requesting these experiences parallel.

Once the portfolio is completed and submitted to the Associate Dean, it will be the Associate Dean's responsibility to confer with appropriate department chairs to ascertain the appropriateness of the documented learning outcomes as related to St. Andrews requirements.

The Associate Dean will notify the student of the acceptance or non-acceptance of the documented learning outcomes as satisfying parallel St. Andrews requirements. In the case of acceptance, the Associate Dean will also notify the Registrar of any credits to be awarded and their distribution.

Credits awarded by Experiential Learning portfolios will be billed at the currently adopted per credit hour rate plus an additional fee of $50 per credit.

If the decision is reached to not allow the granting of requested credits, the student may appeal the Associate Dean's decision to the Dean of the College. The decision of the Dean shall be deemed final.

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