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"Living on campus is a life experience I have learned so much from. We eat together, watch TV together, study together, and do absolutely nothing together. When I go home for breaks, it's like I'm leaving my second family!"
- Jess Cutler, Class of '10, from FL

St. Andrews Commuter Contract


Personal Information

Semesters Attending
Academic Year 2014-2015
Fall Spring
Incoming Class: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
First Name:
MI Last
Male:   Female:    
Social Security #:
Date of Birth:
Home Phone:
Student Cell Phone:
Home Address:
State Zip




In Case of Emergency Contact  
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Commuter Student

St. Andrews is a residential university and therefore has a residency requirement that all full-time students live and eat on campus. By completing this section you are requesting an exemption from the residential policy. Verification for the exemptions below is required at the time you submit this contract. Exemptions may include one or more of the following:

Reason for Exemption:

21 years of age at initial enrollment into college

Married; or a parent with custody of a child

Will live with a relative within commuting distance

Requires personal assistance beyond what the college can provide

Item(s) Needed for Verification

Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate or verification of child custody

Parent/guardian letter with address/phone number

Doctor's certification and/or college certification

Local Address:
Local City: Local Phone:


Commuter Agreement: I certify that all information presented is true and agree to update the college in writing should information contained herein change during the terms of this contract. I understand that my commuter status may be revoked and agree to accept and pay for room and board should the basis of this approval change during the term of this year.


The purpose of this document is to establish the terms and conditions of occupancy in the College Residence Halls and participation in the College Food Service’s board program. This document, the Residency/Commuter Contract and THE SALTIRE (student handbook) constitute an offer by the College to provide the student with housing facilities and food services as specified. The student accepts the terms and conditions of occupancy by signing and returning the Application for Housing.


I acknowledge that by submitting this form, I am providing an electronic signature verifying that the information is correct as submitted and an accurate reflection of my consent as indicated above.

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